A style as unique as you are: Custom area rugs

Venice is a unique place to live and stay. From yoga on the beach to theater camps, there are all sorts of things that make us as distinct as the shark teeth found on the sandy beach. We believe that our people are as unique as our community and if you are looking for a truly distinctive touch, why not consider a custom area rug?

Something soft on a hard surface

Sometimes a ceramic or porcelain floor can feel hard on the pitter-patter of feet, both young and old. How to address this? The best way is to place an area rug in the room. This creates an island of softness on which to sit, play, or rest.

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Manufactured or custom

In the realm of area rugs, you have three options. You can choose from our selection of manufactured rugs that are cut to various standardized sizes. There are a variety of colors and styles when it comes to this option and we are sure we can find you one that you will like.

A second option is to choose a piece of carpet from our large selection of wall-to-wall carpeting. We can order an appropriately sized piece and it can be cut to the dimensions that work best for you. This can be done with squared, angled, or curved corners to create a shape and look that perfectly complements the room in which it will be. Then, we will add a non-skid backing to the carpet and bind its sides, creating a finished look.

If you want to show off your unique tastes, we also do custom rugs. Here, we will take colors and styles of carpet that match your choice and we can create a custom look for you. Would you like an outer border that is of a different color or style than the inner part of the rug? Would you like lines or stripes inlaid into the carpet with beveled edges to set the lines off from the other parts of the carpet? If you can imagine it, we most likely can create it in a carpet. And, like with our other area rugs, we will back these with a non-skid backing and bind the edge giving you a truly unique piece in your home.

If your interests are piqued, why not stop by our showroom in Venice, FL. We at Showplace Floors would love to help you achieve that very unique look for your home. Whether you live in Osprey or North Port or places in between like Nokomis, West Villages, or our home in Venice, we can create a custom touch to meet your interests and needs.