It is the waterproof floor even here in Florida: Luxury vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has been around for a long time. Yet, during most of its lifespan, vinyl has been thought of in terms of those large sheets that are used in kitchens and bathrooms or as heavy tile for a commercial showroom. If this is what you think about when you think about vinyl, we at Showplace Floors have something to show you.

A new generation of vinyl

Vinyl plank flooring is just that. It is a vinyl floor that is made thicker than the floors you are probably used to and they are made in planks that neatly seal to one another. This creates the look of a traditional hardwood floor without the expense and the worries associated with water. And when we say that there is no need to worry about water, we are serious about that. You can submerse this material underwater and it will not break down, discolor, or disfigure. Once cleaned up, it is as good as new. That makes a floor such as this perfect not only for kitchens and bathrooms but any room for that matter. With this floor, water is truly not something with which you need to worry.

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Not just hardwood

When people think about luxury vinyl plank floors, they often think of hardwood as that is the most common style that is sold. While the wood choices are beautiful, you don’t need to limit yourself to them. There are models (sometimes called LVT flooring) that look like ceramic tile, slate, and stone. Mohawk, one of our distributors, has well over 100 different styles of stone from which to choose. Think about the many ways that you can accent or set the mood of your room.


Vinyl plank flooring is also one of the most affordable options available. This is not only a benefit to you but also the environment. Their affordability also means that they are an excellent option for rental properties along the beach. We, at Showplace Floors, would like to become your store for luxury vinyl flooring. If you live in Venice, Osprey, Nokomis, West Villages, or North Port, we are the store for you. Why not give us a call and stop by our showroom; let us show you all of the options that we can offer.