The best of three worlds: Laminate flooring

Why not look into laminates as an option for your home? They provide a durable floor, is easy to care for, and is modestly priced. Yet, beauty is never sacrificed. If you’ve never seriously considered one of these floors for your home, you may be surprised by what we have to offer in this type of flooring.

These floors are durable and easy to care for

We, at Showplace Floors, understand that durability is doubly important. Not only do we have the regular wear and tear to our floors that are experienced everywhere across the country, but we have the added challenge that comes from our beaches. Even if your home is not right on the beach, sand gets tracked everywhere. Yet, when it comes to sand, laminate flooring offers easy cleanup. With the help of a laminate floor cleaner, your floors will look just as good as the day they were installed. Many of our customers also have a second home or condominium that they rent out to beach-loving travelers. You will find that our floors make a very durable option that helps you keep your rental looking its best. These floors also come with long wear warranties which is a bonus when it comes to flooring for a home you don't live in every day.

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Many options

We carry lines from all of the major manufactures of laminate wood flooring. Armstrong, Bruce, Mohawk, and Shaw are amongst some of our largest suppliers. A broad selection such as ours guarantees that you will find the largest selection and the best value for the floors you will be putting in your home. And, if you think that laminate only comes in the wood look, think again. These floors also come in designs that look like ceramic and stone, giving you a wealth of options when it comes to customizing your rooms or your whole home. These floors also have a moisture-resistant backing, which makes these floors well suited for installation on concrete slabs. Make a point of coming to our showroom in Venice so we can show you some of the styles of laminate we offer. We also offer professional installation of all our products and thus, whether you live in Osprey, Nokomis, Venice, West Village, or North Port (or anywhere in between!), we have a floor with which we can transform your home. But our goal is not just to gain your business, it is also to gain your trust. We want to be the store that you go back to and that you recommend to others as well.