The 411 on children and flooring

The 411 on children and flooring

When you're a parent needing new floors, we know you have questions. Those answers can be crucial to choosing your new products, and we can help.

Factors like durability and longevity will play a role in your flooring choice. So consider these facts as you choose yours.

Children can be challenging on floors

It's no secret that children can be challenging on floors. From spills to muddy footprints to dropping things, there are lots to protect against.

The good news is that plenty of flooring choices and tips keep your floors looking great. You'll find materials through our flooring company that has performed well for decades.

Options with quick and easy installations

Consider luxury vinyl floors for the best flooring and quick installation. They are often in place in a single day or less, and you can walk on them at once.

You'll enjoy scratch, stain, dent resistance, and complete waterproof protection. They're perfect for every room and can last more than 20 years with a professional installation.

Laminate is another great option that's easily installed. It's durable and provides top-to-bottom waterproof and water-resistant features as well.

Floors with a long lifespan

Tile flooring is an excellent consideration if you want new floors that last. With a professional installation, it can last more than 50 years.

These floors resist wear and fading for excellent results over time. If your child damages a piece, you can save by replacing only the damaged piece.

Natural stone is another great option that provides all this, plus a long lifespan. They can last more than 100 years.

We have the flooring you need

At Showplace Floors, we cater to your flooring needs. Our associates are standing by to make sure you find everything you need.

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